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A mobile-friendly website is one that displays correctly on devices such as smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and tablets. There are plethora of reasons to need a mobile friendly website that are listed below. It should also support the following features:

  1. Loads fast – bloated sites cost more money to access
  2. Easy to read – mobile phone screens are 1/5th the size of desktop computers
  3. Easy to navigate – menus have limited space on mobile devices
  4. Minimal scrolling – not just vertically but also horizontally

It’s been long since “mobile search” has surpassed the traditional desktop searches. In this digital age, your website definitely needs to be mobile friendly, simply because consumers are expecting it. Mobile is where the online action is. That is where all the companies like Facebook and Google are focusing their efforts. In simple terms, using a mobile friendly website is much convenient to use.

Here are some of the reasons to need a mobile friendly website:-

  1. Mobile use is massively growing:-

Look at it in this way: Long gone are those days where the desktop was used even for a small purpose. It’s a mobile friendly era and mobiles have indeed taken over the desktop as the main way of web browsing. It’s no longer an additional perk to have a mobile friendly website but is now an ultimate necessity if you want your business to progress. Mobile use is only progressing day by day and if the records speaks for themselves, you cannot afford to get behind in the race.

  1. Google favours mobile friendly websites:-

There’s no hiding the fact that Google favours the websites that are mobile friendly in its search. So while ranking the website with its algorithm, the mobile friendliness of the website sets the score high. When a user searches for something, a mobile friendly website comes above the one that is not in the search results, keeping other things constant. It is as simple as that!

  1. A competitive advantage:-

Having a competitive advantage from the others on the market is one of the major reasons to need a mobile friendly website. Around 60% of business websites are not friendly considering the researches done and judging from the growing demand, you have to jump on the opportunity fast and make your website mobile friendly so as to get above your competitors. Having a mobile friendly website also has an advantage of getting more local customers as they search for the local consumers on their smartphones and if you are on the top list of the search engine, you are bound to get more customers.

  1. Mobile users are action oriented:-

A website user viewing a website on his mobile has a different behaviour from viewing the same website over a desktop. A mobile user prefers a website with more video or visual content in contrast to the written format. They want the website to work fast and be convenient to use. Capturing the attention of the user in a mobile website involves providing easy navigation, better visual content and seamless flow. So while optimizing the website, make sure to get all these points right as they are the key to a better digital marketing and thus better profits.

  1. More profits in the business:-

Profits, better revenue are the ultimate reasons to need a mobile friendly website for every business organization out there. Your business is definitely going to get the much needed gain in the profits if you have a mobile friendly website, simply because- mobile users are the ultimate buyers.Having the ability to quickly find directions to your business, click to call, click to buy, menu displays, sales PDFs, etc. all eventually lead to the interaction your business needs to make the sale. Since, Google gives mobile friendly websites a priority; you can simply have a better reach just by virtue of having a mobile friendly website. A mobile friendly website gains better reputation if executed well, for the ease of use and faster results accomplished by the user and ultimately gain you profits.

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