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Food Delivery App Development

When we don’t feel like going out to a restaurant, it’s great to have a food delivery app that can bring the good stuff right to our door. With just a tap of the screen, you can order all your favourite dishes.

We know how hard it’s been for you to find a competent partner who understands your specific needs. We’re fully integrated with a custom user interface, powerful analytics dashboard, and both iOS and Android platforms.We are an out-of-the-box food ordering app development company that helps small businesses to deploy conveniently on demand features with just the tap of a button.

Inflexible, outdated and expensive to maintain food delivery apps? We can help! Our app development services have helped build strong brands very similar to Swiggy, Zomato and GrubHub.

food app

We can help! Our app development services have helped build strong brands very similar to Swiggy, Zomato and GrubHub.

Food Delivery App

To make it easy for your customers to find out about nearby restaurants and discover enticing deals, our app has been designed with a variety of features. They include menu details, rich content, live deals and food ordering facility. It also allows you to manage your entire fleet business efficiently by offering a lot of great features including monitoring, tracking and more.

App features

Multi-Currency Option: The multilingual option for our app will allow you to choose the currency you’d prefer to use.

Real-time Analytics: Admins can generate a report of their work every day with the Timeline feature. These reports measure each business activity.

Push-Notifications: This feature makes it easy for the admin to notify their customers about any current or future deals, discounts and offers.

Real-time Analytics: Admins can generate a report of their work every day with the Timeline feature. These reports measure each business activity.

QR Code: When you use this feature, your customers are guaranteed a delivery and payment process that is stress free experience

Password Update: This feature is essential from the security point of view. The user, the delivery boy and the restaurant owner can change their password as many times as they want.

Support: One of the best features of the app is that it guides the user on how to use all features smoothly and easily

Customer App Features

Via a custom-tailored software development process that includes an in-depth discovery phase, we create innovative solutions at the end of which your company is given its own app. Our smart food delivery app development services have features that are almost identical to popular food delivering apps, so any user will be able to easily understand the interface. Ordering food from your family’s favorite restaurant or the nearby food court has never been as easy. With our app, all you have to do is order and wait for a notification that your favourite goodies are on the way.

Fast Onboarding

The app allows you log in with your Facebook, Twitter, or email accounts.

Real-Time Order Tracking

This feature keeps customers informed about the status of their delivery and lets them know where their driver is.

Secured Payment Gateways

Via many secure payment gateways, your clients can easily make online payments.

Customer Reviews

Your customers are the most important people you come in contact with, so why not try to please them. Let them give feedback and rates of your services to improve in all those areas where you might lack.

Detailed Restaurant Info

Customers can find all the details about a restaurant. These include their menu, price card, and hours of availability for different cuisines. You can also learn their specialities and other features too.

Custom Takeaway

When you customize your meal, it is tailored to your exact dietary needs. Enjoy a buffet-style lunch or dinner any day of the week!


Restaurant App Features

Signing up with our food delivery application is a breeze – restaurant owners can join in a flash! Achieving a perfect balance between innovation and clarity, we have developed each feature of the app to enable restaurant owners to carry out various delivery-related tasks perfectly and keep everything organized.

Track Drivers: Easily track your drivers and keep tabs on their current route and destination.

Managing Availability: The restaurant owner can quickly adjust the availability of items with just a single tap.

Locating Nearest Driver: This feature helps the restaurant owner find the nearest delivery boy to assign the food delivery task.

Maintaining Order History: Creating and managing a list of all customer orders manually is made effortless with this feature.

Order Notification:  This feature alerts the restaurant owner as soon as a customer places an order.

In-app Chat/Call: The app allows direct communication between the restaurant owner, customer, and delivery boy.

Delivery Boy App Features

This delivery boy app is considered to be the ideal accompaniment for a delivery boy. The app has advanced GPS features and is easy to use, allowing the delivery boy to ensure that the orders are delivered on time or before the deadline. The food delivery app UI has been designed with the aim of increasing the productivity of the delivery individuals.

Navigation: Easily navigate through the quickest routes for speedy deliveries.

Digital Signature: Capture digital signatures from customers after delivering orders and save as delivery proof.

Availability Settings: Easily manage the availability of the delivery boy with online or offline toggle.

Track Payments: No more difficulty in tracking payments or viewing job history for delivery boys.

Delivery Information: Get detailed information on completed, pending, and cancelled orders instantly.

Location Tracking: Use GPS to locate customers and make sure orders arrive on time.


Restaurant Panel Features

Manage Orders and Boost Your Restaurant Sales with our Web Panel. Our restaurant web panel offers restaurant owners with a robust and powerful system for managing orders of several customers flawlessly. With just a few clicks, you can track sales, know what customers are ordering more, control the inventory, and more – all without any errors.

Order Dashboard: Constantly track incoming and outgoing orders.
Business Info Management: Update your profile with name, contact number, working hours, and pictures of the restaurant and of new dishes.
Menu Management: Easily edit prices, add items to the menu, and mention the minimum order amount.
Promotion Management: Manage and update offers and promotions to customers.
Feedback Management: Get customer feedback and take instant action to gain their trust.
Earning History: Check your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly earnings.

Here’s what we offer

At our on demand food delivery app development company, we take your ideas and turn them into a successful application. Our food delivery app includes the latest features found in other popular apps in the market. What’s more, our solution includes:

You can count on us to help you create an app that’s sure to get you noticed!

Our App Creation Process


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