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WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. Being an open source platform is one of the major reasons to choose wordpress for your website. It’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. The wordpress is no doubt the most powerful and convenient tool to build a website and is by far the famous among many as many famous blogs, news outlets, music sites, Fortune 500 companies and celebrities are using WordPress.

Here are some reasons to choose wordpress for your website:-

1. It is an open source

Being an open source software means it is free from any charges. It is free to download, install and use as you like. For customizing your website though, you have to pay charges. Thousands of developers voluntarily make an effort on daily basis to make wordpress even more better and to give you a product specifically according to your demands being a free resources, it allows you to cut down the start up cost while creating your website which a win win situation.

2. It is mobile optimized:-

The wordpress software themes are already mobile friendly right after you take them out of the box. There is no need of further customization and spending thousands of Rupees to make your website mobile friendly which is an additional and much appreciated perk, thus being the ultimate reasons to choose wordpress for your website. Using a responsive theme will ensure your website looks great, no matter the screen size it’s displayed on. This means that as new screen sizes are introduced and become the new norms your website will be equipped to handle them, without any more work on your part.

3. Creating and editing your own content is easy:-

The wordpress software is a used the software. You are able to easily edit the content on your website even if you are not a coder without having to appoint someone and pay them extra. You can add, alter or remove the content from your website even by using your smartphone. It will help you manage users on your own and will automatically generate navigation links, index your content etc, thus saving you much effort, cost and even time.

4. There is a support community for your help:-

Enormous support from the developers online is one of the major reasons to choose wordpress for your website. Creating your own website and doing all the work by yourself is not what wordpress is all about. Since WordPress is open source, there’s a large online community of developers and people like you who use the platform every single day. If you are facing some problem while working on your website, there are number of solutions listed on the internet that are sure to solve your problem as many of the developers face same problems and list their solutions online to help the others out.

5. Offers a wide range of functions:-

It offers you hosts of functions via its unlimited amount of plug ins along with the traditional blogging and commenting features. Plugins are extensions that deliver additional functionality. The fact that WordPress is as popular as it is has resulted in developers creating numerous plugins for it. You can create video galleries, slideshows and large variety of other content just within the matter of 3 clicks and even use the wordpress for the e commerce.

6. Highly optimized for search engine optimization:-

Search engine optimization is a very necessary step after you have your website is ready to be available to the viewers and wordpress offers a variety of options that will help you to get your website at the top in web search engine’s results. With its clean and optimized code, it is easy for the web spiders to crawl to your website and due to this reason google prefers this software.

7. High security:-

It is a misunderstanding considering word press highly subjected to preach in security just because it is an open source software. The truth is that there is a large security team that is constantly working to make your website more secure. The result is that your blog is less vulnerable to hackers than it would be if you were using a proprietary CMS. We cannot deny the fact that high security is oen of the basic reasons to choose wordpress for your website.

8. Highly mature platform:-

WordPress was released 10 years back which makes it one of the oldest software out there for creating your website. So more is the age, more is the benefit that comes with it in terms of total security and even the fact that all the kinks might have been removed making it more convenient and user friendly. It would not be there in the market still if it was not upto the mark.

9. Easy to set up and customizable appearance:-

The wordpress is very easy to set up even for the beginners. Most of the hosting platforms gives a detailed guide of setting up the wordpress and it’s actually a matter of a day to get your site running. WordPress allows you to give your website exactly the look you want. There is a theme for just about every look, whether you want your site to look like a magazine or are building an eCommerce site.

10. Universal platform:-

The wordpress offers a universal platform which is one of the most considerable reasons to choose wordpress for your website. It means that even after the developer that build your website leaves the company, the new one will be able to start off just from where the earlier left it. You will not be facing any more charges in starting the website again from the scratch. Anyone with a basic understanding of PHP and MySQL will be able to start work on your WordPress website project even at short notice.

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