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Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Services

NextPage’s Revenue Cycle Management services are designed to maximize revenue for healthcare providers while minimizing their overhead costs.

Our team of dedicated professionals use advanced analytics and strategic workflow processes to ensure optimal results. With our deep insight and knowledge, we ensure that our clients’ revenue is maximized and their overhead costs are minimized.

We are committed to being the best provider of Medical Billing Outsourcing services and our team is driven to exceed expectations.

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Enrollment Services

We are committed to helping our clients connect with the payers the payers they need.

We understand the importance of offering a variety of payer connections, and so we make sure to help you with the enrollments and submissions needed for claims, remits, and eligibility verifications.

Our team makes sure that you are enrolled with all payers so that you can check eligibility, submit claims electronically or on paper, and receive ERA’s/EOB’s electronically for more accurate data.

With us, you have the convenience of submitting your claims and verifications electronically, ensuring smooth and accurate processing

Eligibility/Prior Authorizations

Our team also ensures that services that require authorization are billed out to the payer correctly, so that claim denials can be avoided.

We obtain all the necessary information and authorization from the payer before filing the claim to make sure that the claim is accepted by the payer.

By doing this, our team can help reduce the amount of time spent on the tedious task of checking eligibility information on multiple payer websites. This can help reduce the amount of claim rejections and denials due to ineligible patient insurance coverage.

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Charge Posting

Based NextPage’s charge entry service is designed to reduce billing errors and maximize reimbursement.

We use the most up-to-date medical codes and modifiers to ensure accuracy and compliance with all regulations. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing quality services tailored to the specific needs of each client.

We are constantly monitoring the ever-evolving healthcare landscape to ensure our services remain in step with the latest industry trends. Furthermore, our solutions are designed to be customized to fit the unique needs of each healthcare organization.

Medical Coding

At NextPage, we understand the importance of accurate medical coding and its effects on the overall healthcare system. We have a team of certified medical coders who possess the knowledge and experience to ensure that all coding is done correctly and in compliance with industry standards.

Our medical coding services help our clients reduce their risk of claim denials due to coding errors, improve cash flow management, and streamline their medical billing process.

We guarantee accurate coding and complete satisfaction with our services.

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Medical Billing

Our team are well-versed in claims processing and appealing denials as needed. Furthermore, we provide our medical billers with the necessary training that keeps them up-to-date on the latest regulations and practices.

Our medical billers follow up on all claims submitted to ensure payment for services rendered, and knowledge about regulations made by government entities such as Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), is beneficial. Additionally, our medical billers are well-versed in analyzing and updating patient accounts, and are capable of resolving discrepancies.

We submit claims accurately, quickly, and efficiently. Moreover, our medical billers are committed to maintaining strict patient privacy and confidentiality standards. We are well-versed in HIPAA regulations, as well as all other applicable federal and state laws governing patient privacy.

Our medical billers & coders also have an excellent understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, completing claims forms & coding. Our specialists also understand responses from insurance companies that include the explanation of benefits (EOB) too.

Accounts Receivable

Our AR management model is designed to ensure that cash flow is maximized.

Our analysis team, calling team and resolution team work in tandem to reduce the number of AR days.

In order to follow-up with insurance carriers, we utilize their websites, IVR, or contact their representatives to check the status of claims that have not responded in 30 days from billing.

We also identify any issues that may lead to non-payment.

Our goal is to keep the above 90 days’ AR under 15% of the total outstanding AR.

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Payment Posting

Payment posting is a critical process for medical billing operations. At NextPage, we are dedicated to ensuring that all payments received from payers and patients are accurately posted in the client’s medical billing system and reconciled with the claims.

We also offer electronic payment posting services into the medical billing software and handle exceptions manually to ensure that no payment is missed.


Patient Demographics Entry Services From Nextpage

NextPage Healthcare provides patient demographics entry services that capture all necessary patient details.

We can capture the patient’s name, ID number, gender, marital status, email, date of birth, social security number, and both work and home contact numbers and address. We can also capture guarantor and account details, including the guarantor’s name, date of birth, work and home phone numbers, and address.

We can also capture insurance details, such as the insurance identification number, name and address of the insurance company, group name/group number, details of the policy and policy effective date and termination, policy number, name of the insured, date of birth and the relationship of the insured to the patient.

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