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InVision is a prototyping tool created for designers, by designers. When digging into its facts, How to leave comments and feedback on InVision is one of the most prominent questions we get queries about. InVision allows you to quickly and easily create interactive prototypes for your designs. When you’re ready, you can share these prototypes with your team or clients. It makes presenting your designs a breeze and is much more effective than sending out a PDF or screenshots.

You can present your design projects to your clients and let them see the concepts and check how the users of their websites or mobile applications will browse through the platforms in real-time which is rather great and even saves your time.

Here are the basics reasons for using InVision:-

  1. Much better and real-time presentation of the prototype
  2. You can control your design
  3. Creates real-time to do list with feedback and comments
  4. In-built syncing
  5. Live share properties

You can discuss the prototypes by leaving comments on the screen. There are even options for private conversations.

Here are the various ways How to leave comments and feedback on InVision:-

  1. Open your prototype in the mobile app.
  2. Tap and hold anywhere on the screen, or tap an area without a hotspot and click Prototype Options.
  3. Tap Comment mode.
  4. Tap where you’d like your comment to appear, type your comment, then tap POST to the right of your comment.
  5. Once posted, you’ll be able to reply to the comment or resolve it.
  6. To change a comment type, tap and hold a comment bubble, then select the new comment type.
  7. When you’re finished making comments, tap DONE at the top right to exit comment mode.


Notify others of your comment by clicking Add others to this conversation and mentioning them by name or email address.


You can add a sketch/drawing to a comment by clicking on a screen to add a comment, then clicking the pen icon. A new screen will pop up that allows you to draw on the screen, add text or shapes, and customize colors. When you’re finished with your drawing, click I’m Done.

How to leave comments and feedback on InVision is the most important question all the employees working on a team project much be aware of. Getting feedback from clients is a crucial part of any project. It doesn’t matter if you’re a team of one or a team of developers and designers, you need feedback from your client to keep the project moving forward.

How can you receive feedback using InVision:-

1. Live Share

Live share allows you to get real-time feedback by presenting your design and prototypes in real-time. You can share your project screens, mark them with a virtual whiteboard and even engage in toll-free conference calls. Once your client and team join the LiveShare, you can engage in a Group Chat right on the screen.

2. LiveShare PS

LiveShare PS takes your real-time project sharing right into Photoshop. The difference between a basic live share and one using Photoshop is that the designer initiating the live share can use Photoshop for at-the-spot moderation along with the browser screen. Everyone in the LiveShare can see the changes instantly, leave feedback in the group chat or comments, and draw on any area of the screen.

Follow the above-mentioned tips on How to leave comments and feedback on InVision for an effective way of communicating among the team itself and working efficiently.



Frequently Asked Questions!


How do I leave comments on InVision?

To leave comments on InVision, follow these steps: Open the InVision prototype or design project you want to leave feedback on. Click on the specific area or element you wish to comment on. A comment box will appear; type your feedback in the box. If necessary, you can use mentions to notify specific team members or collaborators. Click submit to make your comment known to others working on the project.

Can I reply to comments left by others on InVision?

Yes, you can reply to comments left by other team members or collaborators on InVision. To do so, click on the comment you wish to reply to, and a text box will appear. Type your response and then click submit. This allows for easy and efficient communication between team members, fostering collaboration and streamlining the feedback process on the InVision platform.

How can I add screenshots or images to my comments on InVision?

To add screenshots or images to your InVision comments, follow these steps: Take a screenshot of the image you wish to use in your remark or collect it. Drag and drag the image file into the comment box, or use the Add Image option to submit the image from in the comment field. Add any necessary annotations or descriptions to the image in the comment box. Submit your comment, and the image will be included, providing visual context to your feedback.

Can I resolve or mark a comment as addressed on InVision?

Yes, you can resolve or mark a comment as addressed on InVision to indicate that it has been acknowledged or resolved. To do this, click on the comment you want to mark as addressed. A checkmark icon or a Resolve button will appear. Click the icon or button to indicate that the comment has been handled. This helps keep track of the feedback process and ensures that all comments are appropriately addressed during the design and collaboration phase.

How do I access all the comments and feedback on an InVision project?

Follow these steps to use any and all feedback on an InVision project: Open the InVision project that you want to study. Open the InVision project you want to review. Look for a dedicated comments section or a comments icon within the InVision interface. Click on the comments section or icon to view all the comments left on the project. You can navigate through the comments to see discussions, replies, and resolved comments, providing a comprehensive overview of the feedback and collaboration within the project.