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Payment Gateways come in handy no matter what kind of transaction is taking place and through our top 10 payment gateways in 2020 list, you will find out what are the options available for you. The Internet is influencing every person’s life in some or the other way. It is the chain that connects one end of the world to the other and because of that, distance today is just a number. And, the usage of the internet has opened ways for a number of other ideas as well. And, with the introduction of e-commerce websites shopping is possible sitting at home from anywhere around the world and payment is possible with just one click.

The payment methods that are available today are no less than innovation. They enable you to do shopping, business, or any kind of transaction without facing the hassle of the bank. Therefore, all the payment gateways that we have listed open a number of ways to do business with clients around the world, and what is best about them is that all of them are safe, secure, and convenient. A major shift has been witnessed in the usage of e-wallets and online payment methods.

Here is the list of top 10 payment gateways in 2020:

1. Paypal

It is one of the largest payment processing gateways for e-commerce websites in the world. Due to its partnership with eBay, it gained a lot of fame. Merchants throughout the globe who do business online accept Paypal as one of the accepted methods of payment. There are a number of reasons why it is trusted by businesses around the globe. For instance, it’s reliable Credit Card Security because once you type in your card or bank account details you never have to repeat the process hence you don’t need to worry about hackers downloading your information. Its flexibility and convenient mechanism make it such a trusted platform.

Transaction Fee: 2.9%

2. CCAvenue

It is one of the most preferred payment gateways for a lot of e-commerce businesses in South Asia. It serves thousands of customers around the globe and what is the best thing about is that the processes are implemented in real-time. And, CCAvenue is a global platform which is why it provides support in multiple currencies across the world.

Transaction Fee: 1.99 to 2.99 %

3. Billdesk

When it comes to the competition of Billdesk in payment processing gateways then there are a lot of rivals in the sector but when it comes to their core business which is about paying bills online then it is still the best in our top 10 payment gateways in 2020 list. Therefore, Billdesk has services like registering on it you schedule an auto payment and that can give ECS debit which is really useful.

Transaction Fee: for Cash Cards/ Mobile Wallets – 0.90%

4. WePay

It is a leading integrated online payment platform for e-commerce businesses as well as online stores through which you can collect payment online without worrying for a merchant account, website, programming or other payment gateways. It can process credit cards and transfers all funds collected into your WePay account. Also, you can avail all these services without paying for the signup fees, no commitment, and no monthly charges.

Transaction Fee:
For Credit Cards – 2.9%
For Bank Transfers – 1%

5. Amazon Pay

The one that tops our list of top 10 payment gateways in 2020 is Amazon Pay. It is the online payment processing gateway owned by Amazon that allows the customers of the e-commerce website to pay with their Amazon account to external merchants. Also, customers can make the payment either through the website or through the app and the payment method saved in the account helps you do the transaction.

It is one of the best payment gateways available for small businesses and is very responsive. Additionally, more than 60 percent of its users have shown their trust in Amazon Pay in making payments.

Transaction Fee: 2.9%

6. Google Pay

Another product that we would like to mention in the top 10 payment gateways in the 2020 list is Google Pay. This is the payment method that has been introduced after the unification of Android Pay and Google Wallet. And, google has actually rebranded Wallet where it performs a joint task of its previously existing applications. For a transaction done through Google Pay, you don’t need to worry about KYC as is the case with other platforms. Also, Google Pay gives exciting rewards and cashback. It is easy to use and also transaction takes place directly between the bank accounts.

Transaction Fee: 2.9%

7. PayUmoney

It is one of the largest payment gateways for any online store that has a customer base of more than 30,000. It has grown over time and has some big e-commerce sites in their portfolios like Jabong and Myntra. The company also came up with PayUbiz which was a more specific payment gateway for business enterprises while the PayUmoney served the SMB and the regular customers. The customers in this are provided with payment options like a debit card, credit card or mobile wallet.

Transaction Fee: 2%

8. RazorPay

Another gateway that graces our list of top 10 payment gateways in 2020 is RazorPay. In the field of payment gateways available for online stores, RazorPay is one of the most ambitious in its sector. It is an interesting payment processing method that enables you to do transactions in a quick, secure, and efficient way. Compatible with credit and debit cards as well as suitable for bank transfers.

Transaction Fee:
For Domestic Transaction – 2%
For International Transaction – 3%

9. Instamojo

It is a web application that makes it possible to buy and sell goods through online stores with access to an integrated payment method for the businesses no matter whether big or small. It is the easiest platform to sell a product for which you just need to post a link. It also allows you to reach your audience through blogs, websites, mail lists, etc.

Transaction Fee: 2% + 3%

10. Paytm

It is a mobile payment service platform for any e-commerce business and has around 40 million users. Also, Paytm’s e-wallet service has managed to gain a lot of popularity simply because it is convenient, easy to use and offers an excellent amount of satisfaction to its customers. Some premier reasons for its widespread usage are its flexibility as it can be used for bill payment, bus ticket payment recharges and more. With this, money transfer is just a click away. Also in case of dissatisfaction among the customers, they can get a guaranteed refund of their money.

Transaction Fee: 1.99%

There are a number of parameters that decide whether the payment gateways that you are opting for is good for your business or not. And, here are a few parameters that we have listed:-

Payment modes available

The more the number of payment modes like credit cards, debit cards, net banking, or bitcoins are accepted by the gateway, the more beneficial it is for your business as more sales will take place at your site.

Failure Status

It is very essential to evaluate the failure rate of the payment gateway under circumstances such as multiple downfalls, OTP delays, and authentication failure.

Setup Charges

Businesses should be fully aware of the setup fees that a payment gateway charges from its users.

International and Domestic Services

If you are trying to do business internationally then you need to be aware of the services provided by the payment gateways for international or domestic purposes.

Customer Care

In case of any issues arising during the transaction someone needs to be in charge to resolve those issues. Hence, how well can they handle client’s queries defines their customer service.


Frequently Asked Questions!


What are payment gateways?

Payment gateways are online tools that enable businesses to process payments securely over the internet. They depend as a bridge between your website and the payment processor, decreasing transactions and protecting sensitive financial information.

How do payment gateways work?

When a customer purchases something from your website, the payment gateway protects, protects, and provides the payment information to the payment processor. The processor then communicates with the customer's bank to approve or decline the transaction. Once accepted, the payment gateway informs your website of the transaction's success.

What are the main features of a payment gateway?

Payment gateways perform important tasks such as data security, accepting different types of payment such as credit/debit cards and digital wallets, identifying fraud, and linking with e-commerce platforms.They also provide transaction reports and data.

Can I use multiple payment gateways on my website?

Yes, many websites choose to offer customers multiple payment options by integrating multiple payment gateways. This is useful since it provides a wide range of client needs and improves customer service.

Why is it major to select a payment gateway?

The choice of a payment gateway is critical since it changes both the whole client experience and transaction security. A secure payment gateway improves transactions, protects client data, and develops customer trust in your company.It is very important that you select a payment gateway that fits the needs of your business while also supporting the payment methods used by your target audience.