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What are the necessary tips for hiring a good developer? I guess every start-up company or even an established one wonders about the fact once in a while. A good developer stands out by writing impeccable code that remains bug-free even after extensive testing organizations indeed seek developers with such exceptional traits, but finding individuals who meet all the criteria can be challenging. Well, for your utmost convenience, we have sorted out some of the best tips you can follow for hiring a good developer.

What exactly is a good developer?

“The best programmers are up to 28 times better than the worst programmers” – Robert. L. Glass

In addition to having strong coding skills, a good developer also possesses other distinguishing characteristics. A positive outlook, effective time management, the capacity to pick things up quickly, and a wide range of technical experience are among these qualities. Organizations are in severe need of some epic tips for finding a good developer who actually has all these traits.

An analytical mindset, curiosity and inquisitiveness, empathy, flexibility, and pragmatism all combined make a great developer.

Differentiating a great developer from an average one might sometimes be overwhelming. A great developer is the sole foundation of the project and you do not want to mess up your dream start-up. A good developer doesn’t only write great code, but must also be a great member of their team, and blend well into the company culture. Sometimes it’s not about finding who can program the best, but finding who is the right person.

It might be a daunting task but here are some tips on hiring a good developer that might make your work a little easy:-

Think of the future-

The technology keeps on changing and advancing and you ultimately have to grow with it. Hire a developer that is very much keen on thinking forward as well. Hire the one where you can feel that he/she will adapt quickly to the changes in technology and will be on top of their game in no time.

Outline the culture and specifics-

With the companies looking for engineering unicorns on a daily basis, you need to hire a developer by making an old-school “must-have” list of all the qualities you require in them. For eg. for hiring an ios developer, he/she must be a C language pro with additional Java knowledge for the back end. Do not toss out candidates based on experience, sometimes a gem is right next to you.

Consider the employ referral portal-

The candidates employed by the employee referral cost less to recruit, get hired fast, and stay with the company for a longer time. Adding notes about your company’s product, goals and incentives may help a great deal in hiring the excellent developers referred by the current employees.

Hire for passion, not just for the experience-

While hiring the developer look who is passionate about your product. For collaboration and long-term success, these qualities are essential.

Know the market price-

Engineers are in great demand and the demand is always going to go up. Create a budget for the salaries, incentives, etc you are offering to the developer, and know what skills you can get in that budget.

Check for their standard-

Make the interviewer write a code based on your product and check whether or not he/she is able to clear the bugs and crashes in the required time. To ensure quality work by the whole team, make sure the new developer is very well disciplined and focused on the work.


Every developer will have a bundle of files carried around with a list of all the experience he has on similar projects you are hiring for. They should be able to show what and how they have been working in the past. A properly experienced developer is bound to be good for a great end product.

Do not choose cheap over quality-

Another one of the important tips for hiring a good developer is the salary package you guys offer them. Most of the time, a great developer does not come for cheap, and why not, they are indeed the cream of the profession. A developer confident enough to demand an expensive offer is most of the time bound to be very well trained and efficient in terms of work. Be smart enough to choose the quality developer over the inexpensive one or you might be ripped off.

Have a 3-month probation period-

you need to hire the developers on a probation period of 3 months for checking their efficiency to their smartness and ability to complete the tasks and handle the situations. You got to be ruthless sometimes on letting the developers pass the probation period. Hire a great developer, the good one is not worth the expense.

Hire slowly and fire fast-

This may sound rather rude and old school but ultimately it is you at a loss if you hire a bad developer. Take your time to learn about whom you are hiring. Take their proper interviews and tests, and check their social records. Interview as many candidates as you want and find out the gem from them. It can indeed save you money and give you the advantage of being almost familiar with them. Firing a candidate is also overwhelming but an important measure to ensure your success and the efficiency of the other staff.

Follow the necessary tips for hiring a good developer that can actually change the course of a company’s success.



Frequently Asked Questions!



Which features should I look for in a developer?

Search for qualifications that are similar to the requirements of your project when looking for a skilled developer. Focuses on technical skills including programming languages, frameworks, and project-specific tools. Consider their educational background, certifications, and past experience in similar projects. Study their problem-solving talents, communication skills, and teamwork to confirm they can contribute successfully to your development team. In a world where technology keeps shifting, look for a developer that is helpful and ready to learn new technologies.

How do I check a developer's technical skills during the hiring process?

Evaluating a developer's technical skills involves several methods. Conduct technical interviews where you can ask coding exercises or problem-solving questions relevant to your project. Request samples of their past work, portfolio, or code samples to assess the quality and cleanliness of their code. Additionally, consider organizing a coding test or a live coding session to observe their coding process and problem-solving approach in real time. Online coding platforms can also provide objective evaluations of a candidate's coding abilities.

What role does experience play in hiring a good developer?

When it comes to hiring a talented developer, experience is important. Developers with the necessary knowledge are more likely to have faced and overcome similar issues in the past, making them more successful in dealing with the needs of your project. Further, experienced developers contribute more viewpoints and useful insights to the development process. Consider that knowledge is important at the moment, as a developer's capacity to change and develop, as well as their desire to stay current on the latest technologies and best practices.

How important are soft skills when hiring a developer?

Soft skills are equally important as knowledge of technology when it comes to selecting a developer. Good communication is important for a productive relationship within a development team as well as for dealing with customers. Problem-solving, critical thinking, and imagination all help uncover new solutions and improve the whole development process. Developers can operate productively in a variety of project things and handle shifting needs thanks to teamwork and change. To be a completely successful team member, look for developers who can mix their technical skills with good soft skills.