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If you are interested in setting up a membership site with WordPress then our top 10 WordPress subscription plugin 2020 list will definitely come in handy for your objective. The subscription plugins that we have mentioned are not only loaded with features but are also easy to set up. The plugins belong to a range of budgets like from free to premium and are the best fit for beginners out there.

Even if you are looking to add members to your website then there are some tools mentioned in our list that will help you achieve your goal. The best thing about a membership site is that you are in control of your revenue stream. The tools mentioned in the list below are strong ones in terms of functionality, customer support, better upgrades, and the long-term thinking of the company behind the plugins. Also, WordPress plugins are best in terms of prices.

Let’s get started with the top 10 WordPress subscription plugin list:-

1. Wishlist Member

The Wishlist Member plugin is renowned for its efficiency, easy setup, and simplicity. It offers reliable upgrades, API scripting, and a responsive support system, making it a top choice among WordPress subscription plugins in 2020.
The Wishlist Member plugin offers seamless integration with payment gateways, autoresponders, webinars, and affiliate software.
The accessibility-focused content protection settings of this WordPress plugin can be easily set up within the WordPress dashboard. Thus, file protection is tough to set up whereas in Wishlist Member it’s just a matter of a few clicks.

Single Site Licence – $197
Multi-Site Licence – $297

2. MemberPress

MemberPress is a strong competitor to Wishlist Member in the top 10 WordPress subscription plugin list, continuously improving its features for membership sites. It made significant improvements in its admin-friendly setup options, conveniently integrated into the WordPress dashboard. It excels in content protection, allowing you to secure various elements such as posts, pages, categories, tags, custom capabilities, files, and folders. In contrast to Wishlist Member, it offers a coupon codes feature. For the purpose to boost sales, you can create coupons in order to encourage affiliates.

Pro – $349
Plus – $249
Basic – $149

3. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro was initially introduced as a free plugin and then upgraded to a premium membership plugin. It offers protection for posts, pages, categories, and custom capabilities. It also integrates with important payment gateways and can combine with major email autoresponders. This plugin has options like free, trial, and paid memberships. You can also opt for the one-time payment method or the subscription method. And, the Download Monitor plugin handles file download protection, while Restrict Content Pro allows access to downloads through one-time or subscription payments.

Personal Plan – $99 per year
Plus Licence – $149

4. Paid Memberships Pro

 This plugin which we have included in the top 10 WordPress subscription plugins 2020 is very much similar to Restrict Content Pro in terms of how the plugin functions through add-ons with a range of 80 add-ons. The Paid Memberships Pro comes with two premium and one free version. Among the premium versions, one is ‘Plus’ and the other is ‘Unlimited’. The free version of the Paid Memberships Pro is the best free WordPress plugin essential for membership websites. Some of the best features are an unlimited number of membership levels, Woocommerce integration, free, trial, and paid membership access, and many more.

Plus Membership – $297 per year


The team behind the MemberMouse is dedicated to helping customers in getting what they are looking for like in coding, the MemberMouse helps you in most cases. This plugin in the top 10 WordPress subscription plugins 2020 list also helps in boosting your sales and also helps in keeping retention rate under control. It supports one-click upsells, Saves sale/Downsells, Split-Test Prices, Sharing Auto-locking, Allowing Social profiles login, and many more. These features help you in making more money. In this, the Support automation concept enables self-service for clients and reduces support requests. In the self-service area, you can allow or refuse the refund and cancellation request.

Starter Plan – $19.95 per month
Advanced Plans – $99 per month

6.WooCommerce Memberships

This membership plugin included in the top 10 WordPress subscription plugin 2020 list is loaded with features and it is all about how you can have control over your membership website. In this, you can have simple memberships that offer content in exchange for a fee or you can tie membership to purchase a specific product. You can drip content members based upon categories, tags, specific posts or pages and projects. This plugin in combination with WooCommerce Subscriptions can provide equal control over the content provided during free trials. Some other features like the ability to create a purchasing club in which the visitors need to become a member before they can complete a purchase are also available.

Single site – $149.00
5 sites – $199.00
25 sites – $249.00

7. aMember Pro

It is not an online service but rather a PHP script and to access it you need to pay after which you install it on your own Web Hosting server. Some of the features include Unlimited membership levels and items, Incremental content delivery for drip release, Select fail-back payment processors, and many more. It also allows you to have full access to source code with the ability to customize it to your needs. It also supports multiple payment options, comes with a few support videos for help with setup, and integrates with other platforms such as vBulletin forums.

aMember Professional – $179.95 (lifetime license)

8. MagicMembers

For issues like delivering an online course or need a way to drip feed content over time, instead of making all your premium content available to your members in one go, then the content dripping abilities of MagicMember can resolve them all. This is featured in the top 10 WordPress subscription plugins 2020 list. Other features like Multiple payment gateway compatibilities, Integration with email newsletters such as Aweber and MailChimp, a Download manager for restricting file access, etc are also great. As it is a premium membership plugin hence you need to pay in order to access them.

Single Site – $97 one-time
3 sites – $197 one-time
Unlimited – $207 one-time

9. OptimisePress

This subscription plugin in the top 10 WordPress subscription plugins 2020 list comes with a large selection of templates. The page builder in this is convenient to use and it also gives you access to an unlimited number of designs. It fits best for any type of landing or registration page, not just membership sites. Also, In case you want to customize the signup page, login form, and membership lesson then OptimizePress, if used in combination with a supported membership plugin, can be a power pack solution.

Core – $97 for 3 sites
Publisher – $197 for 10 sites
Professional – $297 for 30 sites

10. Cart66 Cloud

Through this subscription plugin, you can manage an eCommerce store that sells physical products or digital downloads. It functions as a membership plugin for WordPress that enables you to sell and restrict access to your site which is done using subscription payments and recurring billing. Also, It offers features such as drip content, page/post access restriction, category restriction, PCI compliance, and membership expiration reminders.

Essential Plan – $19 per month
Complete Plan – $49 per month


Frequently Asked Questions!


What are WordPress subscription plugins?

WordPress subscription plugins are tools that add subscription-based features to your website. They allow you to provide different kinds of information or services to customers by paid or free memberships.

How do these plugins work?

These plugins link to your WordPress site and offer features like subscription plan creation, user access management, and notification delivery.They make it simple to start and run a content subscription service.

What can I provide through subscription plugins?

Articles, videos, online courses, digital downloads, and special member-only content are all possible content kinds. Subscription plugins allow you to limit access to particular content based on the amount of subscription.

Can I select from a number of subscription plans?

Yes, most WordPress subscription plugins allow you to create multiple subscription plans with varying features and pricing. The capacity to adapt helps you to suit the needs as well as tastes of a wide range of users.

What is the attraction of these plugins?

WordPress subscriber plugins are growing in popularity because they make it easy to make money from your content or services. They help website owners make money from their digital products by improving the management of memberships, payments, and content delivery.